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Directors: Ivan Kraljevic

Creator: Ben Everhart

release date: 2018

country: USA

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duration=102minute; Federico De Urrutia; directed by=Ferdinando Baldi; genre=Comedy; summary=After the death of her father, the viceroy of a small Caribean island, the beautiful young Isabella is in a big danger. The crafty duke of Burt wants to grab the power on the isle so he decides to eliminate her. Fortunately then comes a group of pirates stranded after a shipwreck. Their leader is the brave and bold Alan Drake. The pirates are hired to protect Isabella and the adventure begins

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Star - Ernest Keith Walker / Country - USA / Directed by - Ashley J. Woods

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Directed by Naoto Kumazawa / 1058 votes / Star Yû Aoi / 7,8 / 10 Star / Genre Romance, Drama

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Jorge Luis Sánchez
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Review: El Benny is a movie starring Rakel Adriana, Ulyk Anello, and Renny Arozarena. Based on the life of Benny Moré, the film concentrates on a period in the early 1950s when Moré leaves the orchestra of Duany and starts his own 'Banda
genre: Drama, Musical
8,3 / 10 Star

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Liked it: 8059 Votes / Directors: Skye Borgman / 91 Min / Info: The twisting, turning, stranger-than-fiction true story of the Brobergs, a naive, church-going Idaho family that fell under the spell of a sociopathic neighbor with designs on their twelve-year-old daughter / country: USA

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